ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is the primary programming languages in which many of SAP’s applications are written. ABAP began life as a purely procedural language and has subsequently incorporated object-oriented features. ABAP programs are run on SAP’s Netweaver ABAP application server, the only publicly available ABAP runtime environment. In most organizations, ABAP experts are programmers and developers.

What is SAP Basis?

SAP Basis is the SAP version of system administration. SAP Basis administrators are responsible for making sure that the SAP application server and applications are installed and configured properly; they also maintain the whole landscape and its smooth operation. SAP Basis is the technical foundation that enables all SAP applications to function smoothly. It consists of programs and tools that support the interactions of multiple systems and the portability of SAP applications across systems and databases.

What’s the Difference?

SAP Basis is the core technical components of the SAP System. It has to do with the SAP Netweaver/ABAP Application Server monitoring and Administration. It includes installing SAP Systems, setting up Servers/Server Instances, creating System Users Management, Memory Management, and Underlying Database Management. SAP ABAP is used to produce Business Applications. SAP Applications are developed by SAP and enhanced by partners or customers using ABAP. That means that the professionals at 1st Basis can take an SAP Application and tweak it for your specific business needs using ABAP. One of our SAP ABAP Programmer/Developers will provide exactly what you want.

No Conflict

SAP Basis and SAP ABAP are not in conflict. Instead, they complement each other. You could think of SAP Basis as a conduit between ABAP and the computer operating system. When SAP created Basis in order to shift the system out of a mainframe, it enabled ABAP code to run on other platforms too. ABAP programs cannot run directly on an operating system (like Windows). They require the set of programs known as SAP Basis to load and interpret their input and output (“All SAP system data are stored in the database. This includes the application data—such as Pos, invoices, and so on—generated by daily transactions, as well as the system settings—customizing—and the source code of programs” — SAP Administration: Practical Guide, p. 36 Galileo Press, 2011)..

An Analogy

You can think of SAP Basis and ABAP like Windows and Windows programs. When you install Windows on your computer, it creates a directory structure with program files, windows, etc. Then, you can download any Windows program that you want to run. SAP Basis and ABAP do a similar thing on a much greater scale. SAP Basis creates the architecture of the entire systems landscape. Once you have it, you can choose to employ any ABAP enhancement that suits your business needs.

Expert Advice

The professionals at 1st Basis understand the inter-relationship between SAP Basis and SAP ABAP fully. We can help you to optimize your SAP system with whatever enhancements would work best for your business. We are happy to work with you to get the best performance out of your business software so you can concentrate on your business.