Demystifying the Cloud:

Does RISE with SAP Require Basis Admins to Become Cloud Experts?

As a leader navigating the world of SAP, you’re likely considering RISE with SAP for its compelling path to the cloud. This managed service offering from SAP streamlines IT operations, but it also raises questions for your existing SAP Basis team. One common concern: will Basis administrators need to become experts in cloud platforms like AWS or Azure with RISE with SAP?

The answer is nuanced. While a deep understanding of specific cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure) might not be mandatory, familiarity with cloud concepts and basic functionalities will be increasingly valuable for Basis administrators in a RISE with SAP environment.

Here’s why:

Shifting Focus, Not Responsibility

Infrastructure Management by SAP: One of the key benefits of RISE with SAP is that SAP takes care of the underlying infrastructure, including the cloud platform, operating system, and database. This frees up your Basis team from managing these complexities.

Application Expertise Remains Paramount: Your Basis team’s core responsibility – focusing on the SAP application layer – remains crucial in RISE with SAP. This includes configuration, security, performance optimization, and user management.

Understanding the Cloud Landscape is an Advantage

Basic Cloud Knowledge is Beneficial: Having a foundational understanding of cloud concepts like scalability, elasticity, and resource provisioning can be advantageous for Basis administrators. This knowledge can help them collaborate more effectively with SAP’s managed services team and make informed decisions about resource utilization within the cloud environment.

Focus on Cloud-Specific SAP Administration Tools: SAP is continuously developing tools and functionalities specifically designed for managing SAP systems in a cloud environment. Your Basis team can upskill on these tools to optimize their work within RISE with SAP.

The Evolving Role of a Basis Administrator

Collaboration is Key: Effective communication and collaboration between your Basis team and SAP’s support team become even more critical in a RISE with SAP environment. Understanding the cloud landscape can help bridge the gap and foster smoother collaboration.

Focus on Business Value: With infrastructure management off their shoulders, Basis administrators can dedicate more time to strategic initiatives that add real business value. This could involve automation tasks, user experience optimization, or deep dives into application performance analysis.

1st Basis Consulting: Your Partner in the Cloud Journey

At 1st Basis Consulting, we understand the evolving role of Basis administrators in the age of cloud-based SAP. We can help your team navigate RISE with SAP and ensure they have the right skillset to thrive:

  • We can assess your current SAP environment and identify areas where a basic understanding of cloud concepts can be beneficial.
  • We can provide training and upskilling opportunities on cloud-specific SAP administration tools and best practices.
  • We can bridge the gap between your Basis team and SAP, fostering effective collaboration throughout your RISE with SAP journey.

To learn more about RISE with SAP, visit SAP site.


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