Remember when you were a small child and the sandbox could become a battleground, or a bakery, or just a place to bury your toes? You could do anything there, use your imagination to create monsters or mountains. And, once you were tired of that particular game, you could flatten out the sand and start all over with building an entirely different kingdom.


The SAP Sandbox System is similar in that it provides you with a space to experiment with any kind of data or scenario you want. In the SAP Landscape, there are three divisions: Development, Quality, and Production. SAP Sandboxes are part of the development section. It’s the best venue for exploring your imagination through trial and error without and real-world consequences. Because it’s isolated from other systems, data, or clients, it allows for complete freedom without fear. Basically, it’s a playground for consultants.



The SAP Sandbox System can be used for any exploration, really. Think of it like scrap paper that you can scribble code on, or sketch out a sample configuration application on. Then work through whether or not it functions the way you think it should. Your company might use SAP Sandboxes for research and development, for testing different distribution systems, or for recalibrating client databases. It can really answer any need (almost like Hogwart’s Room of Requirement). Generally, it is used for testing before implementation of any changes or enhancements. Obviously, it is crucial for good business practice to anticipate all possible implications of a new development, an SAP Sandbox lets you do just that.



Just as someone’s greatest strength is also their greatest weakness, SAP Sandbox System’s isolation from all other systems and applications can make things difficult. Whatever configurations or developments are done in Sandbox cannot be transported out of it easily. It doesn’t affect other servers or clients, which is absolutely wonderful, until you want it to affect other servers or clients. So whatever discoveries or enhancements you come to appreciate in a Sandbox will need to be manually recreated in the environment that you intend them for (or manually exported and imported).



There are various ways you can access an SAP Sandbox System, depending on the type of system or access type you are seeking. The best way to go about determining your point of access is to clarify what your system really needs. For instance, you may require a system for SAP BW, SAP ECC or an SAP Solution Manager System. If in doubt, check with the experts at 1st Basis who can make sure that your SAP Sandbox System is the one you need to quickly and easily deploy and explore the value and benefits of using SAP to their fullest.


An SAP Sandbox System can allow your SAP System consultants to really optimize the landscape for your business needs. With the freedom to explore how different scenarios play out, how different components interact, or how databases respond to various factors, SAP Sandbox can provide you with information that gives you the edge on your competition. 1st Basis can install and host an SAP Sandbox system for you for the period of time you need it. No long-term contracts, with highly competitive hosting fees.



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