How RISE with SAP Impacts Your Basis Team:

A New Era of Focus and Collaboration

The Rise of a New Landscape

For businesses running SAP, RISE with SAP presents a compelling path towards cloud-based transformation. This managed service offering from SAP bundles infrastructure, software licensing, and ongoing system maintenance into a single, predictable cost model. But what does this mean for your internal SAP Basis team?

Shifting Responsibilities: From Infrastructure to Application Focus

Traditionally, Basis administrators shouldered the responsibility for both the physical infrastructure and the application layer of SAP systems. RISE with SAP changes this equation. SAP will handle the heavy lifting of managing the underlying infrastructure, including hardware, operating systems, and the SAP HANA database. This frees up your Basis team to concentrate on what they do best: optimizing the application layer for performance, security, and user experience.

Focus Areas for the Evolving Basis Administrator

Here’s where your Basis team’s expertise remains crucial in a RISE with SAP environment:

  • System Configuration and User Management: Ensuring optimal system configuration for your specific business needs and maintaining user access controls remain paramount.
  • Security Hardening: Securing your SAP system in the cloud requires a focus on access management, data encryption, and vulnerability patching. Your Basis team’s understanding of SAP security best practices will be invaluable.
  • Performance Optimization: Even in a managed cloud environment, application performance can be impacted by factors like user behavior and data volume. Your Basis team can analyze resource usage and fine-tune configurations for optimal performance.
  • Change Management and User Adoption: As your organization transitions to RISE with SAP, your Basis team can play a key role in managing system changes, user training, and ensuring a smooth adoption process.

Collaboration is Key

While some infrastructure tasks shift to SAP with RISE, collaboration between your internal Basis team and SAP’s support team becomes crucial. Your Basis administrators will need to work closely with SAP to ensure effective incident management, problem resolution, and communication throughout the system lifecycle.

The Value of an Experienced Partner

Navigating the complexities of RISE with SAP and optimizing your Basis team’s role in this new landscape requires expertise. Here at 1st Basis Consulting, our team of experienced SAP Basis professionals can help you:

  • Assess your current SAP environment and identify areas for optimization.
  • Develop a transition plan for your Basis team in a RISE with SAP environment.
  • Upskill your Basis team on the latest tools and best practices for cloud-based SAP administration.
  • Provide ongoing support and ensure a smooth collaboration with SAP’s managed services team.

By partnering with 1st Basis Consulting, you can ensure your Basis team remains a valuable asset in the age of RISE with SAP, focusing on core application expertise and maximizing the return on your SAP investment.


This blog was written by 1st Basis Consulting using AI.