How SAP Basis is Evolving

SAP Basis is the technical foundation of SAP systems. It includes the operating system, database, and middleware that support SAP applications. SAP Basis teams are responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of SAP systems. They also play a critical role in the implementation, upgrade, and migration of SAP systems.

SAP Basis has evolved over time to meet the changing needs of organizations. In the early days of SAP, Basis teams were responsible for managing all aspects of SAP systems, including hardware, software, and data. However, as SAP systems have become more complex, Basis teams have become more specialized. Today, Basis teams typically focus on one or two areas of expertise, such as operating systems, databases, or middleware.

Increasing Complexity of SAP Systems

Growing Demand for Agility and Flexibility

Need to Reduce Costs

As SAP systems become more complex, Basis teams need to have a deep understanding of the underlying technologies. They also need to be able to work with other teams, such as business users, developers, and testers, to ensure that SAP systems are aligned with business needs.

The growing demand for agility and flexibility is another factor driving the evolution of SAP Basis. Organizations need to be able to quickly adapt to changes in the market, and SAP Basis teams need to be able to support these changes.

The need to reduce costs is also a factor driving the evolution of SAP Basis. Organizations are looking for ways to reduce the cost of maintaining SAP systems, and Basis teams are working to find ways to do this.

The evolution of SAP Basis has a number of implications for organizations with SAP systems. First, organizations need to make sure that their Basis teams have the right skills and expertise to manage SAP systems. Second, organizations need to be prepared to invest in their SAP Basis teams. Third, organizations need to work with their Basis teams to develop a plan for the future of SAP systems.

The consequences for organizations who don’t invest in their SAP Basis team (or outsource it to SAP basis experts) can be significant. These organizations may experience:

  • Increased downtime
  • Reduced productivity
  • Data breaches
  • Compliance issues

By investing in their SAP Basis team, organizations can avoid these consequences and ensure that their SAP systems are running smoothly and securely.  For some organizations, it’s a wise choice to outsource SAP Basis administration to consulting companies like 1st Basis.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing SAP basis administration support:

Reduced costs: Outsourcing SAP basis administration can help you reduce costs in a number of ways. First, you can avoid the cost of hiring and training in-house SAP basis administrators. Second, you can avoid the cost of maintaining an on-premises SAP infrastructure. Third, you can take advantage of economies of scale by outsourcing to a third-party provider that has a large number of SAP basis customers.

Improved uptime: A third-party SAP basis provider can provide 24/7 monitoring and support, which can help to improve uptime and reduce the risk of downtime.

Increased flexibility: Outsourcing SAP basis administration can give you the flexibility to scale your SAP environment up or down as needed. This can be helpful if your business is growing or if you are experiencing seasonal fluctuations in demand.

Improved focus: Outsourcing SAP basis administration can free up your internal IT staff to focus on other priorities, such as developing new products or services. This can help you to improve your competitive advantage.

Outsourcing SAP basis administration can be a wise decision for many organizations. By carefully evaluating your needs and requirements, you can find a provider that can help you to improve uptime, reduce costs, and improve your focus.  Whichever way you chose to invest in your SAP Basis team, be that in-house or outsourced, the investment is not wasted.

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This blog was written by 1st Basis Consulting, assisted by AI.